Membership software, reimagined for the modern times.

Today's members demand a modern, intuitive interface to interact with their association. We understand the member's perspective and this is what drives our usability and experience.


A perfect balance of flexibility and ease of use

It's no longer a nice to have to expect software to adapt to your needs -- but having it easy to navigate is hard to find. Our uncompromising quest for customer success drives us to build a platform that's not just intuitive and fluid, but powerful and flexible. The perfect mix of easy to use right out of the box combined with the flexibility of a custom system.




What makes us different?


Power meets ease of use

Our platform is both easy to use and extremely powerful, providing you with the foundation for growth, engagement and improved workflow.

Member-centric approach

Designed with the member experience in mind, we believe an intrinsic part of an association's brand is how its members interact with it from awareness to interest to onboarding and retention.

Award winning technology stack

Developed from the ground up with mobile-first, industry leading technology, our platform harnesses the latest and greatest advancements in cloud architecture to give your association an advantage.

Our Mission

We are driven to empower organizations to better engage their members, improve their membership experience, drive member value, and ultimately lead to growth.

We've worked with thousands of organizations over the past 15 years to help transform their digital communications and automation strategy, and our relentless pursuit to revolutionize how associations can adapt to the modern times is what led us to build MemberNova.

We are truly customer-centric

Excellent customer experience is a core value that translates to long-time customers, a very high retention rate of 98%, and great satisfaction. Our whole team is aligned around an outstanding experience and value from product development to technical support to management.

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