As the impact of COVID-19 continues globally, our key priority is supporting our customers while you work towards your mission and goals.
Naturally our traditional method of working to engage our members, host events, and communicate have changed. The sooner we shift gears to adopting virtual and sometimes unknown methodologies, the better off we will be.
To help our community, we have gathered some helpful resources and tips from our association community to share with you.

What your organization can do to better prepare itself

There are lots of ways your staff and members can work together to thrive during this time:

  • Remote meetings: Communication with your members and key principles is more important than ever. More and more associations are moving to hold regular virtual meetings as a way of keeping their members in know about the associations’ plans and strategies moving forward. This is one of the best ways to keep your members engaged and shows your commitment to them. 
    • Check out some tips on running effective meetings with your board members by clicking here.
    • And then read more on facilitating meetings with members by clicking here
  • Virtual events: As associations prepare to host virtual events, there are always factors to take into consideration to be best prepared. 
    • Check out this article in AssociationsNow on the 5 ways to create better engagement during virtual events.
    • There are also lots of event platforms that recently released some tips and best practice guides that associations can follow, such as this article from Cvent.
  • Best practices on creating renewal messages: No doubt that associations still need to collect dues and try to continue business operations as normal. The challenge lies in effectively and gracefully adapting your messaging to the current situation. Read ASAE’s article on ways to change your messaging in order to retain members:
  • Use Forums: If you are not already, make it a point to log into the forums that organizations like ASAE and CSAE have made available to association executives. In a time like this, forums such as these are the best place to gather to share challenges that others can help with, and success stories that others can use.

    If you haven’t already done so, consider implementing forums for your own members to give them a space to discuss and share their own challenges, initiatives and more.
  • Go through social media posts: Organizations around the world are using trending hashtags in their posts related to their initiatives. Check out hashtags such as #assnchat to view relevant articles and posts from the association community that can help you. On websites such as ASAE’s Collaborate forum, use #Coronavirus to find what others have been posting about.

Support is still here for you

At this time, all of our support team members are working remotely, and we are prioritizing email ( requests. You may still request a call-back from our team as well and we’ll be happy to help. Above all else, our thoughts are with those affected by the virus and those on the frontlines combating this daily.

We will continue to help our customers in any way possible and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.