Automate dues and renewals

Stop chasing renewals and let the system remind and automate membership dues collections. Set your criteria and focus on the exceptions, not the daily grind.

Member self-serve

Allow members to see their statements, pay online, and download invoices directly, in addition to automated email reminders.

Gain insight into financial reporting

See a detailed account of members' financial history throughout the course of their membership. Track which members have consistently renewed and paid their dues on time every time and which have often lagged behind, and create custom triggers to increase renewal rates.



Create unlimited flexible billing models

Customize renewal terms with varying pricing structures to suit the needs of a more diverse membership. Configure different expiry dates, or subscription requirements, perks, applicable discounts, grace periods, initiation fees and more for each membership type.

Offer optional add-ons

Upsell journal subscriptions, additional product, or content access right within the renewal process to increase your dues revenue.

Vary your options by membership type

You decide which type gets which preferences, options and payment plans, to create even more value for your top tier levels.


Expand your commerce offerings to the public

Upsell a variety of items on your website, or associate products with events and membership signups and renewals to boost sales.

Automate sponsorship sales

Automate your sponsorship sales whether for fixed-fee event sponsors or offer a subscription model for advertising throughout your website or newsletters.

Be ready for donations anytime

Never miss an opportunity to get donations, whether it's during an event signup, email campaign, or on your website. Setup online donations forms with custom questions, and automatically track lifetime or annual contributions by member.

New Member Signups
Collect new member signups with initiation fees and installments
Dues & Renewals
Manage your member dues and renewals with ease through automation
Easily collect donations from members the public for fundraising
Event Registrations
Sell tickets online for events and trainings, both for members and the public
Generate non-dues revenue through by selling products, trainings and content
Consolidated Reports
Get an overview of all sales by type, or revenue by member

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