Email Segementation

Association Membership Management


Get the complete picture on your membership

Maintain all aspects of your membership activities and data, and leverage this insight to drive your email campaigns, events and automations intelligently. Our integrated membership organization software connects all the dots for you, and gives you the data you need on demand. 

Go beyond member data

Your community goes beyond dues-paying members, so why should your MMS solution stop there? Track sponsors, vendors, media contacts, prospects, industry leaders, newsletter subscribers, and pretty much anyone you want to be able to communicate with in a snap.

Smart segmentation

Organize, categorize, and segment your contacts intelligently with our smart list builder. Build as many lists as you like with our intuitive query builder and access them across all modules, such as events, renewal automations, and campaigns. 

Powerfully customizable

Our membership software molds to your evolving needs and can handle any structure you throw at it. Whether you are a single level organization or a multi-level, national, or international entity supporting chapters or company/representative relationships, with the need to manage several membership types, categories, pricing bundles, and membership expiry dates, our AMS can handle it all.

Custom views and directories

Go beyond custom fields. Set up multiple profile views and layouts for different audiences. Build a flexible member directory where you can control each data point, from the listing, profile, and search fields.

Control access and privacy

You decide who can access or edit which fields, profiles and listings based on role, membership type, or permission level, down to the most granular level.

member profile

Web-Based Membership Management

Membership Administration Software


Put your membership renewals on auto-pilot

Automate the routine tasks of managing new membership registration and renewals. Set up membership subscriptions and rules and let our system do the work for you. 

Multiple dues and payment structures

Structure different dues for each membership type, based on new or renewal payments, with recurring billing, installments, initiation fees, add-ons, and promo codes.

Financial reporting and account statements

Track finances and allow members to view their online account statements with invoices consolidated from all modules, including events and commerce, online payments, manual payment entries, and adjustments. 

membership dashboard

True multi-level chapter management


Our AMS was built from the ground up to handle multiple entities and hierarchies, organizational memberships, sub-accounts, multi-person memberships, and more.

Roll-up reporting and scope

Give your chapter admins a specific level of reporting and functionality but limited to the members in their chapter. View and administer all chapters from your central console, with aggregate reporting and vital metrics.

Chapter level directories

Publish a public chapter directory on your website showcasing their latest news, events, and members. Tailor the specific information you wish to display, and even create a specialized members-only view with links directly to their community management pages.


member profile
Member Database
Manage members of all types and level of complexity with chapters, multi-level structure.
Data and Analytics
Gain insight on your members and better assess engagement.
Segments and Smart Lists
Create intelligent and powerful segments and smart lists to drive your digital strategy.
Member Self-Serve
Let members renew and pay their dues with ease, register for events, participate, log in to maintain their profile and more.
Manage dues by offering annual, quarterly, or monthly membership renewals with flexible payment options.
Set up automations that take care of membership renewals, send out surveys, onboard members, and more.

Fully integrated member management, community engagement, and deep analytics.

Grow your membership
Growth and Retention
Bridge the communication gap between your members, contacts and community. Better engagement leads to a more inspired membership experience that will drive value and retention.
Smart automation and workflows
Smarter Automation
and Workflow
Work on your member success strategy, not in it. Set up smart workflows that automate both repetitive and proactive actions to keep your organization humming seamlessly.
Deep Insights and
Real-time analytics gives you instant access to actionable insight to help you measure your progress.  Gain a full 360 degree view on your membership to stay on the pulse of what matters most.

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