Email marketing for associations


Rejuvenate your communications 

Your digital communications are a key component of your brand identity. Transform your association marketing through email campaigns built using professionally designed templates, smart segmentation, and automation.

Strengthen your brand 

Ensure your brand identity is carried across all communications with themes and templates, so you deliver a consistent image no matter who sends an email.

Mobile responsive by default 

Designed from the ground up to be read across multiple devices and phones, you can count on your message appearing professional no matter where it's read.

Template Library

Fine tune with intelligent segmentation

The more emails members receive where the topic is irrelevant, the less they'll open up future emails. Get the right information to the right audience at the right time with targeted smart lists.

Personalization for higher engagement

Further increase open rates by embedding field values within your subject and content body, to create a compelling message.

Pull in dynamic content

Drag and drop auto-updating content such as upcoming events, sponsors, and blog articles right within your campaigns for maximum reach with zero additional effort.

MemberNova Email Bulletins

Newsletter Management Software


Ready-to-go gorgeous templates

Impress your recipients and put your best face forward with modern, mobile responsive association newsletter templates designed for the modern membership organization.

Customize to fit your brand

Start with any of our templates, then put your personal touch. Spin off your own standard templates for every communication from newsletters, event invitations, registration confirmations and even invoices.

Look impeccable in every inbox

Our templates are tested to render beautifully on 70+ email clients, across multiple browsers and devices.

Deliverability and email performance tracking


Measure performance and open rates

Tap into vital statistics on open rates, bounces, blocks and more to ensure your messages are being delivered.

Ensure anti-spam compliance

With a tightly integrated communications platform, you can rest assured that unsubscribe requests are respected across all modules.

Industry standard proven deliverability

For your emails to be effective, they first need to reach the inbox. Proactive ISP monitoring and dedicated IPs mean you can be confident that your campaigns will succeed. 

Email Segementation
Growth Campaigns
Attract, nurture and convert prospective members.
Foster Engagement
Stay in constant touch with members, prospects, sponsors, constituents, etc. to always stay top of mind.
Communication Calendar
Design and build your email campaign plan and schedule it in advance.
Recurring Emails
Stay on top of your recurring emails by setting them up once and letting the system do the rest.
Keep Donors Connected
Foster ongoing engagement with your donors and automatically re-engage past donors.
Run-time Smart Lists
Schedule emails in advance but use segments that are live and produced in real time.
Ready-to-use Templates
Tap into a library of curated and proven email content.
Deliverability Metrics
Know what's working with email stats on delivery, open rates, read rates and easily manage email stats.
Comply with Privacy Laws
Baked in opt-in and opt-out capability to comply with CANSPAM and CASL legislation.

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