Professional Association Community Management


Create private online communities for your members

Tightly integrated with our AMS, our community software gives your association a home to share news and updates with your members. Self-updating with new members and changes in information, there's no added effort for you to maintain.

Drive member engagement and participation

Give members a private community platform through which they can gain up to the minute updates happening within the association, whether it be new member announcements, event invitations, or a discussion around industry news.


Increase community engagement



Empower your members to share, connect with one another, and find the answers they need to derive meaningful value from their membership. Our online community management software integrates right within our AMS, or can be rolled out as a standalone online community management software.

Special interest groups

Create multiple groups within your community database to give members that share a common interest a dedicated space for collaboration, segmented by membership type, chapter, or certain industry sectors to connect at a closer level. 

Digital community management

Make it easy for members to share or unlock digital content such as files, images, documents or pages within their groups as part of your membership offering.

Community Groups



Fully integrated member management, community engagement, and deep analytics.

Chart showing increasing members from using membership software.
Growth and Retention
Bridge the communication gap between your members, contacts and community. Better engagement leads to a more inspired membership experience that will drive value and retention.
People using membership software showing connections.
Smarter Automation
and Workflow
Work on your member success strategy, not in it. Set up smart workflows that automate both repetitive and proactive actions to keep your organization humming seamlessly.
Woman viewing membership software charts.
Deep Insights and
Real-time analytics gives you instant access to actionable insight to help you measure your progress.  Gain a full 360 degree view on your membership to stay on the pulse of what matters most.
Create groups and committees to fit the needs of your organization.
Let members discuss and collaborate on the topics they want.
Activity Feed
Catch up with everything you missed on the activity feed timeline.
Share documents, files, and photos with everyone easily.
Send targeted communication to segmented lists.
Measure participation and drive engagement with gamification to incentivize activity.
Networking and Mentorship
Give members value by creating networking and mentorship opportunities.
Groups are integrated with the rest of the platform so you can see them in your email distribution lists, directories and more.

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