Multi Chapter Management Software

Maintain all aspects of your chapter membership through our centralized multi chapter management system, including membership activities and data, and leverage this insight to drive chapter specific email campaigns, events and automations.

Custom roles to give you control over every aspect

Give your chapter admins peace of mind by allowing them to control which functionality is available to members, executives and more. With multi-chapter support, each chapter gets the feeling of using their very own personal database, with all the advantages of an enterprise solution.
Go beyond roles, and setup multiple profile views and layouts for different audiences, which means, you can control who can access , view and edit profiles and layouts, down to the most granular level.

Chapter level directories

Publish a public chapter directory on your website showcasing their latest news, events and members. Tailor the specific information you wish to display and link to details such as chapter sites, leadership details, and more. Even create a specialized public and members-only view.

Roll up reporting

Give your chapter executives insight into the performance of their own chapters with aggregate reporting and vital metrics, which are all generated through the centralized chapter database.

chapter directory

Flexible multi-level membership management

Our Association Management System was built from the ground up to handle multiple entities and hierarchies, organizational memberships, sub-accounts, multi-chapter organizations, and more.
Whether your organization supports corporate, group, family or event parent-child member types, all levels of hierarchy are supported. In fact, go one step further and add sub-groups under each membership type, with the ability to set different pricing and benefits for each. Whether you want to track more people or property (ex: boats, land, etc.), associated with each member, it’s up to you.


Multi Level Membership Management

Non Profit Association Management System

Multi Chapter Dues Management


Combined dues and payment structures

Structure different dues for each membership type, based on new or renewal payments, with recurring billing, installments, initiation fees, and add-ons. Even allow individual chapters to share chapter-specific promo codes to incentivize their own members to renew.

Financial reporting and account statements

Track individual member finances and allow members to view their online account statements with invoices consolidated from all modules, including events and commerce, online payments, manual payment entries and adjustments. Whether a charge originated from national, regional, or chapter-level, they all get consolidated into one account statement.
Financial Reports

Manage non-members and contacts


Go beyond membership

Your association goes beyond dues-paying members, so why should your AMS stop there? Track chapter regions, districts, sponsors, vendors, media contacts, prospects, industry leaders, newsletter subscribers, and anyone you want to communicate with, and anything, you want to keep track of.

Smart segmentation

Organize, categorize and segment your contacts intelligently with our smart list builder. Build as many lists as you like with our intuitive SmartSearch and access them across several modules, such as events, renewal automations and campaigns.

Built-in email campaigns

When you house your association's non-members database within one integrated platform, it makes it effortless to include your external community of contacts into newsletters, important announcements, event invitations, and more. With the click of a checkbox, you can keep those vital contacts updated on your latest news, based on their unique interest levels or demographics.

Member Profile

Member Database
Manage members of all types and level of complexity with chapters, multi-level structure.
Data and Analytics
Gain insight on your members and better assess engagement.
Segments and Smart Lists
Create intelligent and powerful segments and smart lists to drive your digital strategy.
Member Self-Serve
Let members renew and pay their dues with ease, register for events, participate, log in to maintain their profile and more.
Manage dues by offering annual, quarterly, or monthly membership renewals with flexible payment options.
Set up automations that take care of membership renewals, send out surveys, onboard members, and more.

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