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Publish endlessly customizable directories with unprecedented flexibility. Our intuitive and user-friendly directory platform allows you to showcase virtually any type of data or content for your members, the public, or both! With configurable search options and control over the experience, you can open up a world of possibilities with how you share relevant data.

Discover the power of our members directory software explicitly designed for associations. Our robust platform offers various features to empower your association with a comprehensive and dynamic members directory. Showcase your members, their services and more, allowing them to foster stronger connections with their community and realize more member benefits.


Publish Unlimited Directories

Publish customizable directories, complete with search criteria that you can tailor to your association’s needs and interests. Display content such as chapters, members, benefits, jobs and more. Expand your directories with member only options and different views for the public. Showcase your association's diversity and expertise with ease, providing valuable insight to your audience.

Flexible Layouts and Fields

Whether you're creating business directories or a private member directory, choose from a number of display options and layouts to match your brand. Add multiple sections and specify your fields, including member photos or logos. Our membership directory software empowers you to showcase the best your association has to offer.

Custom Directory Results

Tailor search filters and criteria to generate personalized results matching your members’ needs and interests. Whether you prefer a card view or a list view, your members can browse through directories in your chosen format. Prefer to hide specific fields from the public but make them available to members? Our custom directory views let you tailor not just the look of the results but which fields to display per audience.

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Association Directory Solutions for Any Sized Organization


Unlimited Search Filters

Whether it’s a private member directory, a public business directory for professionals servicing specific industries, an alumni directory, or an official association member listing, MemberNova goes beyond ordinary association directory software. Tailor your search criteria using keyword searches, location radius, drop-down options, and checkbox filters. Our member directory software ensures members can easily navigate and explore your directory and find what they’re looking for.

Chapter or Regional-Level Directories

Expand your association’s reach with chapter or regional-level directories powered by our member directory software. MemberNova makes it easy to publish chapter directories segmented by region, country, type and more! Our flexible structures for organizational hierarchy extend to our directory module, making it easy for your association to publish your key contacts in the format you want.

Go Beyond Non-Member Directories

Directories aren’t limited to just listing members - create a listing of sponsors, benefits, publications, content and more. Offer searchable non-member directories that are password protected or available to the public which provide value to your community or help as a revenue stream. With so many possibilities to publish valuable content, make your association the hub for industry professionals to find information, drive engagement and expand your member base.

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Private Members-Only Directories


Allow Members to Set Their Privacy Preferences

Put members in control of their directory visibility and privacy preferences with our membership directory software. Personalize privacy levels for members and allow them to decide which of the available fields are visible to the public. Allow each member to change their contact information as displayed internally by fellow members, or externally by the public, right from within our membership management software. With the ability to set privacy preferences, members have the confidence to control the information they wish to share, without adding administrative burden to your staff.

Secure and Trackable Contact Forms

Make it easy for visitors to your directories to contact members through our built-in secure contact forms, which you can open on a per-directory and per-member basis. Ideal for members offering professional services, give members a platform that provides them with a means to engage with their audience by simplifying the process of receiving inquiry requests. Perfect for professional service finders, you can even allow members to view all their inquiry requests within their member area and track aggregate results to report back on. Build trust, foster connections, and streamline member communication with our secure and trackable contact forms explicitly designed for your online member directory.

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